Rcwd Upload for Gravity Forms

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Download Rcwd Upload for Gravity Forms for Free with latest Update on May 5, 2020.
you must consider we do not provide any support of any kind , so if you need support please buy from original source Roberto Cantarano .

This is the same plugin or theme as distributed by the developer. The developers’ links are provided above.

This add-on extends the functionality of the premium WordPress plugin Gravity Forms.

It allows to add a new single file upload field that is not related to the WP media core.

Yes, you will not find the loaded file inside the media manager, also it uses a different folder for every location (based on form id, field id and entry id). Also, you can activate the option to let user upload more than 1 file!!!

Other features

 New WP filters to manage custom rename tags: gforms_rcwdupload_rename_tags and gforms_rcwdupload_rename_tags_replace
 New available tag for the rename field: [field:ID], now you can use the content from other fields
 New JS trigger to customize upload filters ( gformsrcwdupload_filters and gformsrcwdupload_object). See F.A.Q. section
 Available tags for the rename field ( [form_id], [field_id], [lead_id], [fieldlabel] )
 Upload in chunks (by using the filter gforms_rcwdupload_chunks)
 WOOCOMMERCE QUICK CHECKOUT COMPATIBILITY (needs “WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons”)
 AUTO UPDATER (experimental, be careful, alway made a backup before do it).
 Gravity Forms 1.9 ready.
 Support for SAVE AND CONTINUE (GF 1.9 feature)
 Javascript triggers.
 Sortable. Reorder elements in list using drag&drop (if repeater option is On).
 Support for image preview before upload with size settings! (for all modern browsers)
 Option for autoupload after file selection
 Option for rename the file (if repeater is active, a progressive numeric suffix will be added)
 Option for weight limit (KB or MB)
 WOOCOMMERCE 2.1.8+ COMPATIBILITY (needs “WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons”)
 Options for resizing (clientside and serverside)
 Options for filtering the allowed extensions
 Repeater option! Yes you can let users to upload more to add additional upload fields
 Support for drag&drop
 Useful filters that will let you customize some stuff (new filters will be added to next releases)
 Option for add a title field
 Compatible with “Gravity Forms User Registration” plugin
 Filename edit in admin (as requested from some of you): Now you can change the filename when editing an entry
 New option available (as requested from some of you): Hide the browse button after file selection
 New option available (as requested from some of you): Start the repeater with n fields
 Language translation for english and italian
 improved GRAVITY VIEW COMPATIBILITY (needs “Gravity View Addon”)
 improved GRAVITY VIEW DATATABLES ADD-ON COMPATIBILITY (needs “Gravity View Add-on and Datatables Add-on”)
 added new filters to manage content in Gravity View:
     gforms_rcwdupload_gravityview_entry_mode and gforms_rcwdupload_gravityview_item
 Ready-to-use PHP functions for getting url or path of the files

Last Update May 5, 2020
Released On May 5, 2020
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File Size 627 KB
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